Royal Treatments

Like many who seek the benefits of medical aesthetics, Calgary residents deserve the finer things in life.

What does that mean to you? Everyone has their unique and individual concerns. The bottom line is that everyone is concerned with:

  • …Refreshing their complexion
  • …Rejuvenating their appearance
  • …Removing lines, wrinkles or unwanted hair

At Heritage Pointe Medical Aesthetics, our experienced doctors and medical aestheticians help to achieve these results through the following treatments:


As the #1 selling product of its kind in the world, Botox Cosmetic has a wide range of uses and benefits by way of injection.


Thanks to dermal fillers, Calgary clients of Heritage Pointe Medical Aesthetics enjoy numerous benefits. 


Selphyl is the only system that allows truly natural tissue regeneration using your body’s own ability to rejuvenate and increase skin volume.


Through technological innovation, Isolaz therapy treats acne without the typical side effects and months of waiting for improvement from traditional acne treatments.

Medical Grade Chemical Peels

At Heritage Pointe Medical Aesthetics, we offer the ZO Peels.

Laser Vein Treatments

Leg and facial veins are bothersome at best, unattractive at worst.

Sublative Treatment

Even minor enhancements to your skin’s tone and texture can markedly improve how you look and feel.

The GentleMax Pro by Syneron Candela

Trust GentleMax pro to remove unwanted hair, as well as sun and age spots and facial and leg veins efficiently and effectively on all skin types.

Venus Freeze

Venus Freeze is a non-invasive and pain-free treatment for moderate cellulite reduction, wrinkle reduction and skin tightening for face, neck and body.