Why Would You Use It?

Pro-Derm is a new, medical grade, natural skin care line based on botanical ingredients with natural bactericidal properties.

This unique line is free from parabens, alcohols, perfumes, mineral oils and petroleum products. Developed by a dermatologist and a chemist to complement existing treatments, Pro-Derm addresses common skin concerns such as laxity and volume loss, photo damaged skin, dynamic wrinkles and acne.

ProDerm in Calgary

Why Will You Love Pro-Derm, Calgary?

We’re all unique, so Pro-Derm offers two separate lines, letting you choose the best product for your purpose. The Day Products afford protection and provide skin barrier maintenance, while the Night Products regenerate, repair and support new healthy skin.

ProDerm Skin Care products in Calgary

Why Us?

Only specialized medical clinics like Heritage Pointe carry Pro-Derm. Calgary has a vibrant aesthetics industry, but Heritage Pointe offers the products you need with the service and support you deserve.

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